Preventative Care for Cats

At Goldsmith Vet Clinic, we see all of our feline patients on a yearly basis for their annual physical exam. At this examination, we take time to do a thorough physical, talk with you about any changes in lifestyle or behavior, and provide the necessary vaccinations and medications for your pet.

This time spent together plays an important role in increasing our odds of detecting problems early, before they become severe and costly.

During the exam our doctors will perform the following services:

  • Ear and eye examination
  • Cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) analysis
  • Abdominal palpation
  • Dental exam
  • Dermatological exam
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation

Vaccination recommendations include core vaccines Rabies ($25) and Feline Distemper. This vaccination, called FVRCP, prevents three potentially deadly airborne viruses: rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia (distemper). Your veterinarian may also suggest the Feline Leukemia vaccine for outdoor cats. We may also discuss other services, such as dental care or microchipping-that can lead to a longer and healthier life for your cat.

Call Goldsmith Vet Clinic today for your feline preventive care.