A message to our wonderful clients:

I would like to start with a huge thank you to our awesome staff for their quick and well orchestrated response to a loose dog today. “Sophie” bolted out of her car to the surprise of her owner. Thankfully, we have trained for these situations, and with the help of some good samaritans, including: “Roast Beef Guy” and “Truck Guys”, our team was able to help return “Sophie” to her worried father.

Our greatest concern is the health and wellbeing of your beloved pet. Please, do us a great favor by ensuring that your furry friends are safely secured before opening your vehicle doors. Our team will then safely escort your dog inside. Of course, special arrangements can always be made for high anxiety dogs including the parent escorting them just inside the doors of the practice.

And frankly, when the occasional person tries to “impress” us by showing how their dog doesn’t require a leash, we are nothing but terrified.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season.
Jeff Goldy, DVM

Please read below for our current outlook on COVID-19:

Latest update: 01/07/2021

Dear Goldsmith Family & Valued Clients,

*MASKS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE YOUR PET SEEN FOR SERVICE IN ACCORDANCE WITH LOCAL LAW* – Thank you for doing your part to keep your community and our staff safe.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and are making decisions based on guidance from public health officials as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association.

COVID-19 has created untold challenges for everyone. We understand the inconvenience of NOT being able to accompany your pet into the building for their appointment but firmly believe that it remains medically necessary in order to continue providing veterinary care for our patients while keeping our staff and community safe.

While these adaptations to our practice enhance safety, they have created significant challenges for our team. We are devoting more staff to answering your phone and email concerns, but at times, we are still unable to immediately answer the sheer volume of calls and emails. We greatly appreciate your understanding during these complicated times.

All food and prescription pickups are being handled curbside. Just text your pet’s name and parking spot number, as indicated on the signage, to (720) 788-3592 when you arrive in the parking lot, and we will happily take it from there. 

We appreciate and value everyone in our Goldsmith community. We are doing our very best everyday to provide quality care for all of our four-legged companions, despite these unique and difficult circumstances.


Jeff P. Goldy, DVM