Latest update: 04/21/2021

Dear Goldsmith Family & Valued Clients,

*MASKS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE YOUR PET SEEN FOR SERVICE IN ACCORDANCE WITH LOCAL LAW* – Thank you for doing your part to keep your community and our staff safe.

Beginning MAY 1st, 2021 we will be opening up our lobby and exam rooms to our clients once again. We will only be able to facilitate one human per appointment (with exceptions for small children). Curbside appointments will still be available per request by clients. Please be patient with us as we continue to provide the best care for your sweet pets and manage the ever-evolving situation that is the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Thank you,

The Goldsmith Family

03/10/21 – A message to our wonderful clients about online medications/pharmacies:

You may have seen the concerning news surrounding reports of large numbers of dogs with adverse reactions and deaths related to use of Seresto flea and tick collars. If by chance your dog has a Seresto collar on presently, you may want to remove it, and the team at Goldsmith can work with you to find an alternative for control of external parasites. There are concerns about the actual mechanism of toxicity linked to Seresto collars and the validity of the reports. As more information becomes available, it should become clear the extent of the problem and hopefully no more dogs are affected. 

One important concern arising from this crisis is the prevalence of COUNTERFEIT products unknowingly available through certain online retailers. It has always been Goldsmith policy to sign prescriptions for online products when medically warranted.  We certainly leave it to the consumer to find a reliable source.  It goes without saying that when searching for the cheapest source of any online medication, the consumer may be inadvertently exposing their beloved pet to counterfeit products that may be ineffective or worse yet, harmful.  With this in mind we would always suggest sourcing veterinary products directly from your veterinary clinic or a veterinary associated online pharmacy. We work directly with a trusted online pharmacy that can have your pet’s medications delivered directly to your door.

If you have questions about this or any other issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Jeff Goldy, DVM